Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

We who live in this beautiful country of Canada have much to be thankful for. We enjoy peace. prosperity and freedom. These, and many other things, are blessings that come to us from the hand of God. We should be thankful everyday but it is good to have one day in particular when we remember how richly God has blessed us. With blessing comes the responsibility to make the most of what we have and to share with others so that their lives might be better. Thanksgiving reminds us that for all our hard work we are the recipients of grace and this should humble and inspire us to honor the one who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the Lord of lords. His love endures forever.

Psalm 136:1-3


Julie said...

Praise the Lord in thanksgiving today. Gadhafi has been dashed against the rock and justice has been served!

christine said...

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."
These are the famous lyrics to a popular rock song. Also used as the opening theme song for a television program.

And... these are the words I've selected to describe my interpretation of the rise and fall of wordly leaders.

Transferable, mismanaged power in earthly kingdoms doesn't cut it for me.
Sorry to be so cynical about the latest events in the middles east.
Thankful for the comforting vision and hope that comes through God's sovereign rule.

Stephen said...

That Kadafi may have been worth 2 billion dollars and all the while millions of Libyans were starving to death in poverty and squalor. I'm thankful he was crushed in the streets too.

christine said...

So the real problem is money? Lack of distribution of wealth? I callenge you to make an assesment and comment that goes deeper than CNN.

Muammar said...

The reason for thanks since Gadhafi's death are many. My parents have suffered the loss of our three relatives. They have lived with no water or food many times for month at a time. Christine you know not what you say. He was a ruthless tyrant and justice was served.

christine said...

What I am saying is that the same people who pronounced Muammar Gaddafi a criminal are the same people who fourty-two years ago overthrew King Idris to make room for Gaddafi. [Think this one over real well].
And furthermore I don't see "justice" in the BARBARIC execution of a so called criminal. What is there to be thankful about when unshameful and unlawful action is taken to may a wrong a right?

Muammar said...

Christine, I respectfully disagree with you. Idris was not overthrown by the same people who pronounced Gadhafi a criminal. Also, are you suggesting that God cannot use barbaric means to achieve his holy will in exacting justice? Read Habakkuk.

Christine said...

(PART 1: Need to break my msg up into segments....)
Yes it is good for us to respectfully communicate with understanding even when we don’t share the same views. From what you’ve said thus far I identify with you in that God’s sovereign plan ordains governments for our good. This “good” however seems unrecognizable when it is administered to us in the form of SUFFERING. Yes, God’s Will is to bring His people to Himself and…. God’s Will during the worst of times is MYSTERIOUS to us. We are not given answers to our how long or why or what will come from hardship. With this reality before us, God’s children are held responsible not for God’s secret will (how HE will bring about through certain means an eternal purposeful end to everything HE has created), instead we are responsible for HIS revealed will found in Scripture. So I thank you for suggesting I spend some time in Habakkuk. I was reminded again that the prophet Habakkuk like the prophet Job have a difficult time reconciling God’s ways. How long will the Chaldeans operate as an instrument for/of suffering? How long will God permit sin….lawlessness- wickedness before HE brings about recovery? These are real questions/concerns asked by many WHO HAVE and ARE enduring horrible circumstances brought on my wicked regimes.

Christine said...

(PART 2)
The history of our civilization has been described as a paradox. A human saga of evil suffering and a driving need for progress. I’ve heard history being described as pathology of power.We need to be very careful when giving ourselves authority in the name of God. And then calling it His will.
I am very sorry for the suffering that has been endured by the Libyan citizens – (your family). As God’s creatures we cannot fully comprehend or fully accept that God can and does allow the wicked to prosper? And at the same time it is difficult to know HOW we should respond when we see injustice. My perspective/opinion on historical and current events such as nasty political regimes is quite different these days because I literally see myself living in-with-between (1 Thess. 4:3) and (Rom 9:19). Having said this I can still at times catch my heart crying out to God for vengeance. This doesn’t last too long because it then sinks into a prayer for justice and mercy. I do believe that a revolutionary movement to overthrow a wicked ruthless govt. is not necessarily wrong. There should be limits to our political obedience. (I don’t believe in total passiveness.) If those who have been given earthly power ask us to sin against/violate God’s commands, we should refuse. Our ultimate goal is a need/will for a stable honorable government which will look out for the interest of its citizens and that we can honor its authority according to the terms of God’s Holy Law. Read the fifth commandment.
Where we seem to be in disagreement (you may want to clarify your position further) is on the matter of vengeance (settling the score) through barbaric “lawlessness.” How I understand it to be is that law breaking derives from false religion. As a Christian I cannot take vengeance into my own hands (Deut. 32:35, 41, 43; Psalm 94:1; Isa 35:4, 61:2).
Scripture withholds the sword from me and gives it to those in civil duty. This is why I lack enthusiasm, celebration and I CAN’T SEE HOW SOMEONE CAN BE THANKFUL FOR THE WAY GADAFFI WAS EXECUTED. ALL criminals should be tried in a court of law. Think about this. First a judicial process would have been a blessing for the Libyan people. The holy standards of our Living God would be on display. By this process the Commandments of God would shine through and hopefully convince and convict all law breakers that they need the only Savior of sinners, Jesus Christ. Second, found guilty Gadaffi would be given a short period of time to repent and turn to God for pardon of sin. Proper execution by the civil magistrate would then follow. This process displays The LAW and the GOSPEL. My Christian perspective calls for an obligation to every human being…to every soul this last earthly privilege. Penitent or impenitent murderers- SINNERS will ultimately end up before the thrown of God.
(please excuse my delayed happens. I hope to read response(s) :)

Lisa said...

Have any of you even read Professor Wellum's blog post???
What does all of this conversation have to do with anything that he has said?
If you are looking for a forum to air your views on Gadhafi, surely you can find somewhere else to go.
Professor Wellum's post wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and included a Psalm of thanks and praise; yet not a single one of you have commented on anything that he has said. If you feel the need to hijack someone else's blog to express your own political opinions, while wrapping them in religion, perhaps you should consider starting your own blog.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I think its completely fitting for a blog to be provocative and create discussion, as long as it's civil. What gives you the right to set boundaries for someone else's blog? Why do you hijack this blog to express your own policing opinions, while wrapping them in smugness? Perhaps you should consider creating your own blog with narrow-minded rules.


Prefer not say more...C.. said...

I am thankful I don't live in North Korea. ;)
And by the way,real thanksgiving is expressed through Kingdom living. Only then can you interpret events and make righteous judgments on world affairs.
How about we take in more of Kirk Wellum's blog entries and learn from our teacher. He's resided and and walked the narrow path longer than the rest of us? I speculate some of us are crawling?

Train us with/under the Light of His Kingdom and help us to run with horses.

Kirk Wellum said...

My oh my! I wrote a simple post about thanksgiving and it has turned into as discussion about the downfall of a middle-eastern regime. I am all for freedom of speech but I do agree with Lisa that the comments and discussion on a blog should be connected to the posts in a way that is obvious.

Whatever you think about Gadhafi, he has fallen into the hands of God and God will do with him what is right and just. Of course, that is true for all of us, and we need to keep that in mind when we are pronouncing judgment on others.

I have no problem with people discussing the subject matter of my posts, whether you agree or disagree, but I do not want this blog used as a place to vent personal frustrations or to talk about issues that are peripheral to the main thrust of the articles.

Currently the world is a very unstable and troubled place and only time will tell whether the upheaval taking place in so many places is a blessing or a curse. From my perspective one thing is for sure - those who live by the sword will die by the sword and there will be no real peace until we know the Prince of Peace.