Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When There Is No Way Out

Continuing our look at Daniel 6 we see that sometimes there is no way out; no way that we can escape the difficulties that have come upon us. When the conspirators saw Daniel praying they knew they had the evidence they needed to have him thrown to the lions. Immediately they ran and told the king about this violation of the law. It must have been difficult for them to hide their glee knowing that they had trapped Daniel. Yet note their speech and approach to the king. They sound so proper and concerned to do what was right. But in reality they were hypocrites whose evil plan ensnared both Daniel and Darius.

There was no way out and the king knew it. Still, he is greatly distressed and realizing the nature of the plot that he had been tricked into he was determined to rescue Daniel. Until sundown he made every effort to rescue him. But unable to find a way out, and having his arm twisted behind his back by those who were hungry for Daniel's blood, he reluctantly gave the order and has Daniel thrown into the lion's den with the prayer: "May your God, whom you serve continually, rescue you!"

Both Darius and Daniel are faced with no way out. But their respective responses to their predicaments are quite different. Darius is presented as anxious and distressed and busy doing all he can to reverse the situation. Whereas Daniel is presented as calm. The only person he talks to his God. He demonstrates a fearless consistency that comes from a lifetime of walking with God. His peace enables him to rise above the circumstances swirling around him. Sometimes we are faced with situations beyond our control from which there is no escape. When those times come we must commit ourselves to the Lord, do what is right and trust him to do what is right.

To be continued...

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