Friday, January 23, 2009

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

One movie worth seeing and discussing is Ben Stein's Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. It has been honored as the 2008 documentary of the year and rightly so. Without giving away the main points of the movie it exposes the stubborn resistance in certain sectors of the academic community to the Intelligent Design theory of human origins. What is perhaps most interesting is that Ben asks the question "why?" Why has Intelligent Design been deemed unacceptable by a group of powerful and influential intellectual and scientific elites? Is it because it has been proven false? Is it contrary to science and scientific endeavor? Or, is there something else at stake? For instance, does it provide a direct and disturbing challenge to tired old dogma of Darwinian evolution and threaten to expose the inadequacy of a worldview that is based on it? Also intriguing is Stein's search for historical situations in which the ideas of Darwinian evolution have been rigorously applied beyond the ivory towers of academia. This chilling part of the story leads us down into the depths of human depravity. And it provides a compelling reason why thinking individuals, regardless of their religious convictions, need to be very concerned about attempts by the intellectual thought police to curtail discussion about other life options including Intelligent Design. Kudos to Stein. Here is one documentary film that everyone who loves and cherishes freedom (among other things) needs to see and carefully consider.


Trish said...

I love the way that Ben Stein guy looks so ordinary and unflashy but he just persists on asking a simple question that deserves an honest answer.

Kirk Wellum said...

You're right Trish. He comes across as a "Columbo-type" character, and just like the detective, it's foolish to underestimate him!