Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Durham Bible Institute

My friend and colleague at Toronto Baptist Seminary, Keith Edwards, has posted some thoughts on the Durham Bible Institute that are worth reading. As he mentions in his post, he and I participated in a meeting yesterday afternoon at Port Perry Baptist Church, after my New Testament Theology class, in which we discussed future plans for the Durham Bible Institute. Like Keith, I was encouraged by our discussions, and by the conviction of the men present that we continue to provide quality theological courses in cities and towns beyond Toronto.

The demands of modern urban and suburban life make it very difficult for some people to come downtown to the seminary and take courses. Nor is this always necessary since many are not looking to train for full time vocational ministry but only to increase their understanding of the Bible and grow in their walk with God. Therefore offering courses in theology, church history, apologetics, hermeneutics and in various Bible books, etc., in places and at times that are convenient for them is helpful and appreciated.

Biblically based sermons have always been a key components of a healthy, growing church. But even the best expository sermons are not able to delve into the truths of God's word at a level that is required if people are to grasp the truth for themselves in a way that enables them to teach and pass it on to others. In this regard it is not a case of 'either/or' but of 'both/and.' We need the very best expository messages and we need opportunities to read and write and discuss the Bible and the ideas of those who wrestled with what it teaches, both past and present. It is my prayer that God will bless this humble effort to facilitate such opportunities and raise up other study centres committed to the same objectives.

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Anonymous said...

Prayfully we shall see God open doors, for these plans are under the Will of God.

"In His light, we see light"
Prov 2:3-6