Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Word Among Many

Catching up on the news this morning while eating breakfast I heard everything from ex-hockey player and now Philadelphia Flyer V.P. Bob Clarke trying to justify NHL "tough guys" to reports of an attempt to draft New York Mayor and billionaire Mike Bloomberg for U.S. President. What a way to start the day. As if we need more hockey violence or more billionaires running for political office! Then I read the latest Barna report on the growth of the Charismatic movement in America and how more and more people and churches identify themselves with a movement that started on the fringes of historic Christianity but now is increasingly equated with vibrant Christian that operates on the premise that God is real and at work in the world.

It is easy amid news reports like the ones I have just mentioned to lose perspective. The news is always changing as one of the local all-news radio stations in this area likes to say. Reporters and organizations are looking for headlines that will capture the attention of customers and clients. And in our technologically advanced culture with all the ways for information to be delivered to us the need has never been greater to sift and sort what we hear and see. There are few things more dangerous that a "herd mentality" and yet the potential for a destructive avalanche of half-baked collective opinion is great precisely because of the speed and ease with which ideas can be circulated. Sober reflection is difficult in such an environment. News bites and movie clips can inform but they can also distort reality and cut off discussion and debate before there is an understanding of the more profound subtleties and implications of ideas.

Technology is here to stay for good and ill, at least that is how it presently appears. This is fine as far as I am concerned because I do not think that it is the problem per se, it merely exacerbates the problem if we do not recognize its strengths and weaknesses and take appropriate action. Amid all that is being said we need to take time to get alone with God and to read and meditate on the scriptures which he has given to us. In a world of uncertainty and personal agendas that play fast and loose with the truth, the Bible is in a class by itself. If we come with open minds and hearts, with a prayer that God would guide us and with a willingness to do what we are told, we will know what he wants us to do no matter how confusing life becomes. The word of the psalmist is still true: "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path" (Psalm 119:105).


Ian Vaillancourt said...

Amen, brother! There is so much noise in our culture, but technology is not bad. It will take some serious discipline, though, to use technology for good, and still be able to deeply think and consider and meditate on God's Word. I used to brag about being a Luddite. . .but a few weeks ago I bought an 80 gig iPod and a laptob computer. The iPod is now treating me to 30 hours of lectures on preaching by Bryan Chapell - how could technology be bad? But. . .I find that after surfing the net for 15 mins I get an instant case of A.D.D. and can't think deeply like I did prior to surfing. Again, balance is needed.

Anyway, I should run. Please keep blogging. I've enjoyed learning from you this past little while. Maybe we'll see you soon, eh.


Jim said...

Hockey fighting is pure sport and fair voluntary competition for entertainment purposes. I love a good fight! It's all part of winning. Don Cherry would totally disagree with you.

Kirk M. Wellum said...

Thanks for your comments Ian. You are right, balance is needed in these areas as we try to live to the glory of God. All the best in the new year.

Kirk M. Wellum said...

Thanks for your comments too Jim. Just one question: who is this Don Cherry fellow? :-)