Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Infinitely Perfect

The third truth expressed by the confession: "We believe in one true and living God, who is infinitely perfect," is that God is absolutely glorious. Infinitely is a big word. It is so big that we cannot comprehend it. There is no one and nothing like God. He cannot be contained, he is more vast than than oceans or space. God is infinite in every way. In his eternal existence, wisdom, power, glory he is beyond measure. The fact that God is infinite should cause us to sit and think. It calls for meditation. So often we worry and fret about all sorts of things, but there is really no reason to do so if we know the one true and living God.

However, in the confessional statement, infinity is joined to perfection. This combination of words refers to the person of God and all that he is in himself. There is no flaw in him, no inconsistency, no lack of righteousness, nothing ugly or untoward. He is infinitely perfect! This is difficult for us to imagine because we are so imperfect and we are surrounded by imperfection. All that we do is tainted by sin. But when we come to God we are coming to someone who is morally perfect and the standard of all perfection. Once again this truth calls for meditation. God's infinite perfection is bound up with his glory. He is worshiped in heaven by the angelic hosts and he is worshiped on earth by his redeemed people for his beauty, majesty and splendor, which includes his infinite perfection. No wonder the seraphim cry: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!"

Nothing in theology is without practical implications, and this truth applies here as everywhere else. Because God is infinitely perfect we should seek him above all else. We should love him supremely and obey him without reservation. The greatest thing we can do in life is to advance the glory of his name, without him life is not worth living and eternity will be a total loss. If I understand his glory I can take life in stride even if things do not work out as I had planned because knowing him is what matters most in the end. The Bible is full of examples of people whose lives were revolutionized by their encounter with God. Having taught Hebrews this last semester at TBS names like Abraham (11:8-19) and Moses (11:23-28) immediately spring to mind, but there are many others. In my own life my decision to stay in Sarnia and start Sovereign Grace Community Church, and then to go to Pilgrim Baptist Fellowship, and then the move to Toronto Baptist Seminary were all guided by a desire to see God's infinitely perfect named exalted. The need for churches that proclaim his truth and point people to his Son as the only Savior of very imperfect human beings has never been greater. We can never be the same once this truth has taken hold of our hearts.

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