Monday, April 03, 2006

What Next?

Ah... here we go again! As if there is not enough insanity in the world, now we have Lauren Casey, the spokeswoman for the Canadian National Coalition of Experiential Women (yes, you read that right... "Experiential Women") telling us that there would be fewer women victims of murder and other violence if the federal government reformed Canada's sex-trade laws! The former "escort" wants the law changed so that prostitutes can operate their "businesses" out of their homes. She also wants Ottawa to decriminalize solicitation for prostitution. At the same time her groups plans to lobby the government to enact legislation that would make it illegal for anyone over 23 to have sex with anyone under 18, and to make it illegal for 18 to 22 year olds to have sex with someone five years their junior.

Whatever you think of their proposals, this kind of story indicates what a moral sewer we find ourselves in today in Canada. As if legalizing immorality, which is destructive to the human body and soul, will protect women or men from anything. Immorality in general and prostitution in particular slowly destroy the moral fabric of a nation and attack the key component of a free and productive society, the monogamous, heterosexual family. Has it really come to this? Have we sunk so low that "experiential women" are dictating morality. And why, given their amoral philosophy of life, should they want to pass laws which protect minors. Of course, minors should be protected, but these women are not in a position to say why that is the case, other then by an arbitrary appeal to some kind ethical limitation that floats in moral midair. Perhaps other experiential people don't want their freedoms limited by this group of money hungry hookers who, it could be argued, are just trying to protect their share of the market. The situation is bizarre and incredibly sad to say the least.

From my perspective this is what happens when their is no fear of God and everyone does what is right in their own eyes. They tell us that the world's oldest profession is here to stay and cannot be swept under the rug. That is only partially true. It will exist as a sad reality in our world but not forever. There is a new heaven and earth to come, the home of righteousness, in which there will be no immoral people because those who inhabit that future home will be washed, forgiven and finally freed from sin which humiliates and degrades in all its forms. But until that day comes it is a cop-out of staggering proportions to give in and legalize behavior which ruins lives. Governments have a responsibility to protect people from their own stupidity and to do so for their own good. The social price of implementing what Canadian National Coalition for Experiential Women is advocating is just too high. Governments need to help men and women live dignified lives and not cater to the basest desires of fallen human nature.

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