Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Better Way

"There are two ways in which a practical moralist may attempt to displace from the human heart its love for the world - either by a demonstration of the world's vanity, so that the heart shall be prevailed upon simply to withdraw its regard from an object that is not worthy of it; or, by setting forth another object, even God, as more worthy of its attachment, so that the heart shall be prevailed upon not to resign an old affection, which shall have nothing to succed it, but to exchange an old affection for a new one. My purpose is to show that from the constitution of our nature, the former method is althogether incompetent and ineffectual, and that the latter method will alone suffice for the rescue and recovery of the heart from the wrong affection that domineers over it."

Thomas Chalmers quoted by John Piper in Future Grace (p.14).

This is exactly the tonic we need whenever the world presses in upon us as Christians. When it tries to distract us from what is truly important. We need to set our hearts on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God (Colossians 3:1). A little something to remember at Christmas time and all the rest of the year! Let's worship and delight in God and everything will take its proper place.


stauf46 said...

Excellent quote. I try to use this argument in my pastoral counselling, but I am not as eloquent.

This is practical, but the best thing is that God gets the glory in the process of replaced desire.

Terry Stauffer

Kirk M. Wellum said...

How true Terry. And what a privilege it is to glorify him!