Monday, May 24, 2004

The Wonder of the Holy Scriptures

At Pilgrim Baptist Fellowship we have been studying what the Bible teaches about itself. We live in a day when the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments have been pushed to the periphery of many people lives if they are a part of their lives at all. People are more likely to turn to Dr Phil or Oprah than to the Bible when it comes to finding the answers they seek. In our study of the doctrine of Scripture we have seen that the Bible presents itself to us as nothing less than the written word of God. As such it is authoritative, inerrant in all that it affirms, capable of being understood with the help of the Holy Spirit, absolutely necessary for a saving knowledge of God, and sufficient to guide us in living a life that glorifies God until Jesus Christ comes again.

In short, the Bible is a treasure; a gift of God's grace that we ignore or neglect at our peril. Without the Bible we cannot be sure of anything because we have not scoured the universe and processed all of the information gleaned in a integrated and harmonious way. We are forced to live with the unsettling awareness that we might discover some new truth tomorrow that will alter what we think we know today. But when we turn to the Bible we have the word of God who knows all things and who speaks to us out of his perfect understanding of reality which he made and now sustains. His word is true and can be counted on no matter what seems to be the case in our world. As Jesus himself said: "Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away" (Matthew 24:35).

However, it is one thing to talk about the word of God, it is another to read it on a daily basis and allow it to shape and mold our lives. This is something that we need to do with the prayer in our hearts that God, its ultimate author, would speak to us and teach us what we need to know to worship and serve him acceptably. If you possess a copy of the Bible why not take it up and read it for yourself. The Bible is a supernatural book that has changed many lives and will continue to do so until these last days have run their course and Jesus returns to dispel the darkness and bring his people back into the paradise of God.

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